Friday, December 4, 2009

Faruque Ahmed Facing Electronic Sabotage

Faruque Ahmed Facing Electronic Sabotage

Further to Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque, Islam and Arab Bashing, Beyond Islam and Arab Bashing, Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion?, What Do You Think About This Muslim Terrorist!, Bangla Barta and Double Standard and Hypocrisy in Australia let’s examine the ever growing hypocrisy and double standard in Australia as well as electronic sabotage.

The Zionised Media Circus! Is it a victim of electronic terrorism? What about Faruque Ahmed? Why is he suffering from electronic sabotage? A few of his blogs and webs are under attack. Even his email system was attacked yesterday!!

You see, after the 9/11 “they” managed to silence voice of reason and then forced us in a many un-winnable illegal and immoral wars! Today, we are facing the same scenario! Tabloid media outlets and right wing shock jocks are setting the agenda, managed to change a major party leader of Australia, making mockery of climate change, global warming, inciting racism and sectarianism based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds bedside illogical fear. Today too, they are silencing any and all voice of reason! They are manufacturing consent and opinion.

These days, some people are deliberately propagating, “Faruque Ahmed is a big mouth, he exaggerates, he is unapproachable and not reliable, …. . Well any inaccuracies of mine are open to challenge!

So, go ahead and make your day and stop futile character assassination!


sharkhan said...

This is Australian tradition! Denial and concoction are two prime assets of Australian movers and shakers.

checkpointzero said...

Paul Keating Ex prime minister of Australia said that Australia is the Arse End of the world.

So we all muslims want to change the ends . I think of it as Climate Change result in 2090 when it will be inhabitable to liv ein Australia, May be then , so keep waiting

komolarani said...

Good on ya checkpointzero. Keep up the rage. We will win through peaceful means.

checkpointzero said...

If Faruque Ahmad has big mouth then why he kept his silence, while John Howard killed millions of Mulims in Iraq in the name of fabricated WMD business.
I think Mr Faruque Ahmed is telling us that after killing millions of Muslims we the Aus Tralian s should show some remorse .

This will help us to start the next Mulim Killings in Iran.

I dont like Mr Faruque Ahmed because he destrys our plot.
He is so bad even he showed the us Ahmedinazads speech,where every thing he said was normal.

If People like Faruque Ahmed keep Destroying our Plots to carry on participating in other peoples wars by sending Mercenaries fabricated as Australian solders protecting Australia by Invading innocent people in th ecomfort of their own home in Iraq Afghanistan.

I think We should put Mr Faruque Ahmed in Jail For speking up for
people who are weak and are able to defend themselves.

It will be in our National Interest to kill or destroy our Enemy.

Australian Media is quite good in doing that, they even willfully refused to acknowledege the Zetland Mosque Attack.

Austro_Bangla said...


Mr. Farque Ahmed is trying his best. People like you can make peaceful contribution to advance justice and humanity.

Good luck.

checkpointzero said...

Austro Bangla

Do you think only 4 people are participating here.
Also these four people in Australia only speak Bangladeshi ??
Do you think The Australians shoul ddistribute sweets when muslims come to this country to have a better life than Bangladesh India and Pakistan?
What about Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, and other Migrants.

rushalyser said...

Freedom is never handed for free . one has to fight for their rights.And this Fauque Ahmed is the begining.