Friday, April 13, 2007

Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism

Dear Yahoo,

Earlier I have received my first Spam. In fact two of them!

Naturally I was not impressed and I went on to strike them back with their own medicine. To my surprise, the spam merchant had his/her own anti-spam test/mechanism! Obviously I followed the procedure and as a result my dear Yahoo flagged me as a spammer for attacking a spam artist. In other words my email is not free as used to be. However, that does not mean that I am not getting spams. In fact, spam is my part of life now.

I was busy last week and moved these two spams in question at a folder for future evidence! To my surprise, the whole folder disappeared from my system!!

Obviously, I would like to ask Yahoo Team the following questions;
Howcome spam merchants are so free to annoy us with their garbage?
Howcome a spam merchant got access to spam test facilities?
Howcome an innocent person like me is treated so harshly for attempting to combat a spam crook?
Are you going to develop some anti-spam mechanisms beneficial for all?

With thanks
4/13/2007 10:18:18 PM

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